get pc satellite tv

Get PC Satellite TV for Free

To get satellite TV on your PC for free you need to install some software onto your PC. It's not difficult and there are no recurring fees.

There are many providers but all do not offer the same quality nor the amount of different channels or countries broadcasting the programmes. But once you have downloaded the program, you can be watching over 3000 satellite channels from around the world on your PC.

About PC Satellite TV

The satellite programmes you choose are broadcast along the internet (much like VOIP) and really you need a broadband connection as it's much like watching videos on YouTube for speed.

As mentioned above - you need some additional software for your PC or laptop to decode everything and watch from wherever you are so long as you have an internet connection.

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Satellite Channels Available

Most of the popular channels are available to view for free and these include (but not limited to) :


Most software offers 1000 channels from around the world - others will enable you to access up to 3000 channels for all types of programing including, live sports, news, music, weather, kids, movies, educational and more.

PC Satellite TV Reviews

There are several major systems including SatelliteSoft, satellite tv to pc (pro edition with 2800 stations and elite edition with 3000 stations),

Benefits of PC TV

There are a ton of benefits including:

  • It's legal
  • There is no installation cost
  • There are no monthly fees
  • There are no additional commercials
  • Over 3000 channels worldwide
  • Easy set-up
  • No special software required

More about PC Satellite TV

With the development of the internet and broadband availability, the internet offers more to people than it did on dial up. With the introduction of on demand video, streaming broadcasts from all companies including YouTube and Google Video pushes the development of internet speeds.

The great thing about Satellite TV over the internet to your PC is that you can access all 220 countries in the World TV programming - just plug in the software and start to enjoy thousands of programs from around the globe.

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